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so I'm going to have to try to edit myself while I speak. So of course, I've been experimenting with show names and album artwork lately seen how it fits when I create heartwork and show ideas, Ni usually like design something up, and I guess the old way to put it would be like put it up on the refrigerator and kind of look at it and walk by it and see it every every day. For a couple of weeks change something! Well, you know I d kind of do the Digital Virgin, the digital version of that O. I just put stuff up and I look around, but anyway, I think back in August about two years ago. I did a thing called the dog days of August, whereas, like your podcast, something every day and looking back at all the things I've done in podcasting, I think that was one of the most valuable. So I want to keep doing that. So this is going to be me doing a daily, podcast and they're, probably going to be really short. The trick is getting me to focus on one topic of the eighty topics in my head right now. I got to pick one, so this particular show is going to be about the show, an emotions and basically the emotions revolving around the election. In America, it's been pretty wild, so we were still in shut down lockdown mode. My sons and I had gone from Louisiana up north to Oklahoma, and neither of those states in America are very m into wearing masks. Just say it like that. They're individualist, you know, theyare the kind of states that are traditionally conservative but that'. That label doesn't mean much anymore. I don't know what they're trying to conserve, not it's not money, the yeah and more in Oklahoma. Instead of a hillbilly things, I'm from California- and I just imagined everything- kind of east of Colorado before you hit Chicago Wis, just people playing banjos and Straw, hats and run around barefoot and stuff like that. No of course it's not! But you know when you're not out in it, you don't think about it too much. So you just asign it a thought in your head, so I left, California went to Louisiana, then Oklahoma and for sure there's different types of southern folks like the swamp south people and then the the more northern people, especially above the top of Texas they're like yeah, more like the Marlborough man up here, kind of individual sitting alone out in the field on a horse kind of thing. That's what it reminds me of and yeah there's, there's way more stuff than just red dirt and tumble weeds in Oklahoma, as so, if you're familiar with California, like for my friends who listen Oklahoma is like Sacramento lots of Rivers, lakes, mostly flats, some kind of chain stores and malls, and some city and state government buildings and just the dirts red instead of Brown but yeah. It's kind of like that, thats, my point being. It's really interesting to experience. MTHE electrate first hand, because I've been in California for decades, sit's just tha way of life. It's the way. I was programmed it's what I was surrounded with. So when I got to Louisiana that was one vibe Oklahoma M, completely different VIBE. I kind of I almost I like Oklahoma, quite a bit, there's nothing not to like about it. There are a lot more trump type people but they're out in the opened and they're I mean they're out in the open. You can see them and you can avoid them if you choose E or engage them. If you choose either way, you know what I mean they're just out there, but it in California. It just seemed like people were trying to be more polite, but ited end up being fake polite, so they hid their true intentions and their true feelings, whereas out here in Oklahoma, don't give a fuck too much, because I think I can attribute a little bit of that to guns everybody's got guns over here. So it's not really. You never know who's. GOINGTO nobody's going to pop off and start pulling a gun out in public so that the fear of like mass dootings is almost nonexistent bank robberies holdup some car jackings. Those don't really happen around here that much if at all and that's fascinating, especially when you're from California and you think, everything's like gunser, no whut gun should only be used for certain situations. Well, when you live in it, you start to see the benefits of like M. Okay Yeah. I mean you kind of hypothesize it and you hear about countries like Switzerland, where everybody has to keep a gun for the defense of the country. That sort of thing, but it's not like that Youre here, it's a free for all. You can carry. However, you want conceal it. You can carry on your hip, you carried into a store whatever you want, it's like the wild west. Anyway, my point being, I was trying to experience both thesides. Let's call it whichwe'll. Do an episode on the media alone, how they love to pe o fight. They have to the easiest way to create a fight is to create two sides. When clearly, we live in a spectrum, it's not the there's kind of like social mean is become this like binary, fucking sewer and everything has to be either or left or right, you're in or out you're popular or you're canceled. You Know Blue Red Black White updown Jesus Christ, but I'm not going to do it on the media today, specifically, I just wanted to do it on the emotions of politics and kind of a long way around to what I'm working on here and why I'm doing it daily. So anyway, I'm going to do a daily podcast, because I don't know I haven't- can talked about a million different things. It's good exercise for me and I have an ininteresting perspective, just being kind of a stranger in a strange land of Californian in the middle of Oklahoma and enjoying it. So there's that that said man the election yesterday, the election was obviously back on Tuesday and they finally got to counti an enough. They find a got to have counted enough votes, to figure out that that guyis pretty much going to win. In fact, there's not a good way for the other guy to win that guy being Joe Biden and is running mate Camala Harris from California, and I think that's ultimately who I voted for, like she's generation x. like me, she's born and raised in the same area like me and I'm like well fuck it she at least she has my perspective in mind, and we have similar programming if we were like just meat, sax or robots or whatever you want. We were kind of programmed in the same way, obviously not by the same people but in the same geography during the same time period because I don't know like clearly trump was like just fucking train wreck, dumpster fire, whatever the fucking wharever the phrase. You want to call that. I don't even know what that is, so we needed something new, but I have issues with religion somewhat, I'm not opposed to it. I just have his issues with it and I think Joe Biden is one of the more religious presidents we've had in a long time way more, I mean trump. Wasn't religious Obama played the game, but I don't think he was like hardcore into Church Bill Clinton. Saying Bush saying Bush saying Reagan, not a Church Guy. He was into astrology kind of portrayed himself churchy to the Christians, but I think you have to go back to like Jimmy Carter to find somebody as religious as Joe Biden. I don't know T. hopefully it's not that big of a deal as usual, I'm probably making way too much of something- that's not important and ignoring something that is important. So the interest yesterday when I I didn't realize I was that emotional or about it. I voted on Tuesday morning and just let it go. I was kind of tanse up to that point kind of like when you're standing in line for a cupful of hours to write a super scary, roller coaster and then, by the time I was in line voting and got there. I'm like I felt like I was strapped into the coaster I had made it. It was going to happen. Thisou know nothing was left to do, but just hang on so I felt much more relaxed than after ie voted, I'm like okay, nothing else. I can do so that that point iturned off all the social media, the TV, the radio news and all that, so that was that kind of lifted, a burden off my shoulders. But Anyway, yesterday, when it finally came out- and you see all the people coming out into the streets just celebrating you kind of feel the same way. However, like I didn't know what to do, I had a bunch of prerol joints on the tray over there and I felt like a father had a baby and I was out celebrating handing out instead of cigars, I was walking around the apartment, complex handin out joints like hey. I don't know what to do so. God, Damn happy here. I have a joint that was that was cool. That was exciting, but since you know being in Oklahoma, you get on local twitter and I follow usually wherever I move. I get on twitter and follow the the local news stations to kind of get a feel for what the what's important and what other people are into. Well, there's one of them with their helicopter following a poor trump parade. You know pick up truck sand flags, sort of thing Thir's about thirty, forty of them just driving around they're peaceful. You know not really causing any Brockis or nothing like that, but this makes me feel bad for for them, like the fans of the team that lost. So I don't know W in America there's a football team. American football called The Dallas Cowboys and they have a lot of fans that have no affiliation with Dallas Theyv, never lived there. They don't have family there. They never went to school there, but they have an affinity for the star and that kind of confederate colors and America first kind of thing, and for many years Dallas had a shitty team. Well, Mi won't comment on the current team, but you know their team just went downhill. They were the stars of the late S, Roger Stabak, Tony Dorset, that sort of thing well now Dallas Cowboy fans suck to watch a ball game with these days, because they're like petulant little babies and every time their team loses it's. The attitude of that type of person. That is a Dallas Cowboy Fan, is the same type of attitude. Who was a fan of Donald Trump, and so when they lose, they fuckin take it out on everybody else. They can't just admit that their quarterbacks sucked, you know so again. I don't have much empathy at all for Donald Drumpi, because the prison and you know, lives at his remaining years behind bars. But I do have empathy for his friends because I mean his friends fors supporters, not the sick, offense, not the ones that surround him at the White House than enabled the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans do to covid kids in cages. None of that they should all be in prison too. I'm talking about the voters who voted for him, and I say that after watching the emotions of the trump paraders yesterday its because I'm looking at these people like y they're kind of like me when I rooted for the wrong team, I lived in San Francisco San Francisco giant sucked for decades they sucked and sucked and sucked and then there's up two or three years there we got the title. Everything was great and then, of course, we got injured players and traded people away and we started sucking again. So I know how it goes to be that fan of a team that rises and falls. So that's said, I think, if we could frame it that way. I know it's a lot more life and deafh and dangerous than sports, but it's not unlike sports, and that we can show some empathy and sportsmanship for the fans of the other team. You know they're, not the other team. They are just fans of that team and theyre. They have a right to be emotional, they're, not outwrecking. Anything sounds weird that I would have compassion for supporters of trump, but I see them as fans of a losing team, and you know they just had a Shitty quarterback and a lot of times. If you have a Shitty quarterback, you just double down, say fuck it you know, that's the guy. We got we're going to support him until he's traded or until he gets hurt. Well, in this case, he's getting traded like the league is ending his time in office and THA's by no means to say, let's not fucking, celebrate and dance in the street, so yeah lots of emotions all over social media. All over the news. It's very empowering it's nice to know the nation has spoken as spoken up on the side of light and not dark. Theer binds me inclosing, there's a authoritarian quiz. You can take online I'll post the link with this episode and I took it. I had some friends take it so here's the thing apparently there's about eighteen percent of humans in America, a people adult kids, whatever whoever take this test, its about eighteen percent, who prefer Authoritarians so this kind of sinks up with the election just now. So, if you think about it, we've had record turn out election in America, but that still only means about fifty percent of the population voted about two thirds of the eligible voters voted, but that still only equates to a hundred and fifty million out of three hundred million Americans. So of that who voted even split that down in half your down to twenty five percent of Americans. That starts the job with this quiz. I took about Authoritarians so there's a weird thing: man with people wanting authority and supporting the idea of authoritarianism, and a lot of it has to do with how you feel about raising kids and how you were raised as a kid and that sort of dynamic. So I will post the link, but I'm curious to think where you fall on this authoritarian quiz. I come in like two point, something I think flaming lefty Super Pinko or some shit buddy mine got like four point, one which is right in the middle and gets I think, gets up to about seven. I forgot what the high part was, but yeah, it's really interesting. So the idea that we get rid of a trump and like we're done with it, here's why, like it back when I was in high school, we used to get into fights with skinheads like Nazi skinhiads or Neonazis new kind of Nazis. I'M NOT! I didn't go to high school in the s they come around and getting fights and throw bottles at each other and try to fuck each other up, but we were had, of course, because there are so few of Te Nazis or Nio Nazis and withthaut. We dealt with that, but now here we are a generation later and people. My kids age are out there doing not to kind of shit again. So that's what led me to like do a little research and try to figure out what the fuck is going on here. I thought we dealt with the problem. That's not the problem. The problem is, almost twenty percent of humanity wants an authoritarian to take care of them. That's fucking weird, so it's always going to be a threat and itill be always on the top of my mind have to take that little quiz so see I've just rampled on for fucking twenty minutes- and I haven't told you anything about why I'm changing Thi sow. I guess I'll talk to you about that on Tomatos episode, Richt Cool Havea, writt, nect, TAK,

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